Family Walk Around

Hanhan and her parents went around during a visit one Spring day.
Spring Festival Walks-10
The Lihu bridge.
Spring Festival Walks-13
Hanhan on the dock. Xishi lived on the island in the background 1800 years ago.Xishi is one of the four Chinese beauties according to legend.
Spring Festival Walks-15
Hanhan and mother on exercise equipment.
Spring Festival Walks-17
Parents at the exit of the park.
Spring Festival Walks-01
On the road in front of the apartment gate. Guide Hanhan is skating and telling mother things about the campus.
Spring Festival Walks-04
In front of the stadium.
Spring Festival Walks-06
Hanhan at the University gate. A traditional Chinese architecture.
Spring Festival Walks-07
Parents at the same gate.
Spring Festival Walks-08
School map. We are living on the northern part.