Taekwondo Outing 11/04/06

Hanhan joined the university martial arts club. We went on an outing to Tai Lake.
Taekwondo Outing-02
1 Club members get together in the campus.
Taekwondo Outing-05
2 Running to the lake that is 10km away.
Taekwondo Outing-06
3 Almost to the destination.
Taekwondo Outing-09
4 Arrived at the lake shore.
Taekwondo Outing-11
5 Sitting in a circle to watch performances.
Taekwondo Outing-17
6 Our club leader is showing his Num-chuk skills.
Taekwondo Outing-18
7 The taekwondo coach is about to kick three targets in one jump.