Caishi Mar 2005 03/18/05

Me and Hanhan visited one kind of chilly day. It is a nice place and we had fun.
Caishi Mar 2005-01
1 Panda at play. Hanhan can't climb!
Caishi Mar 2005-02
2 A beautiful view. The scenery is nice too.
Caishi Mar 2005-03
3 We're a happy couple and pretty much alone in the park.
Caishi Mar 2005-04
4 Heading up to the temple.
Caishi Mar 2005-05
5 Taking in the view from the top.
Caishi Mar 2005-06
6 Hanhan thinking about the history of this place.
Caishi Mar 2005-07
7 The Changjiang River.
Caishi Mar 2005-08
8 The land there is an island called Middle River Island.
Caishi Mar 2005-09
9 Looking north from the temple.
Caishi Mar 2005-10
10 The island is on the right.
Caishi Mar 2005-11
11 A last look from the top and we're off.
Caishi Mar 2005-14
12 Heading down on the creaky cable lift.
Caishi Mar 2005-15
13 Warming herself in the sun. It was a rather cool day.
Caishi Mar 2005-16
14 Me and my drunken hero, Li Bai, a famous poet during the Tang dynasty.
Caishi Mar 2005-17
15 Typical fisherman and his son working the riverbank.
Caishi Mar 2005-18
16 Big foot print of Li Bai according to legend.
Caishi Mar 2005-20
17 Hanhan in the Plum Blossom door.