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Caishi Mar 2005
Me and Hanhan visited one kind of chilly day. It is a nice place and we had fun.
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Panda at play. Hanhan can't climb!
A beautiful view. The scenery is nice too.
We're a happy couple and pretty much alone in the park.
Heading up to the temple.
Taking in the view from the top.
Hanhan thinking about the history of this place.
The Changjiang River.
The land there is an island called Middle River Island.
Looking north from the temple.
The island is on the right.
A last look from the top and we're off.
Heading down on the creaky cable lift.
Warming herself in the sun. It was a rather cool day.
Me and my drunken hero, Li Bai, a famous poet during the Tang dynasty.
Typical fisherman and his son working the riverbank.
Big foot print of Li Bai according to legend.
Hanhan in the Plum Blossom door.