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Putang Memorial
Putang is outside of Ma'anshan and is the site of a WW II memorial for victims of the Japanese occupation.
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This gives the history of Japanese occupation in the Ma'anshan area.
Images from Ma'anshan showing some of the killings.
A painting showing the opening of a mine. Notice the boy and girl in the hopper to be dropped in the blast furnace.
Some pictures of the weapons used, how many rapes, murders, etc. Think of this next Honda you buy...
Tea, tea, tea. Where's the ice!
A lovely tea picker.
Valley view, this is a very pretty area.
Hanhan's balancing act.
Beautiful view.
Another look.
Peaceful area.
Monument to heroes of the anti-Japanese war.
Baby goat looking for it's mommy.
A bamboo forest.
Bamboo 'unwrapping' itself. This is how it grows.