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Spring Festival 2006
Spring Festival is Chinese New Year. Like Christmas, but with a few twists. Everyone had plenty to eat and good wishes for the coming year.
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The filling for dumplings. Meat and dandelion greens.
Final mixing of the filling.
Families always make the dumplings together, we're no different.
How to seal a dumpling and make it pretty.
Dad is the rolling expert, very fast.
Hanhan's first dumpling! How does it look?
The dinner fireworks. There are 10,000 in this roll.
The fuse is lit!
10,000 firecrackers - 3 seconds
The debris is 4 stories high!
Looking for duds.
All clear.
Setting the table for the big dinner to come.
Xiaohua's dishes begin to arrive. Everybody pitches in.
Mom's dishes add to the dinner.
Even more food to complete the feast, there are more than 30 dishes to sample!
Even Ben is doing his part!
Yum! There is simply TOO much to eat, but we try.
The Zhang Family in action!
Browsing the New Year Market.
Who can resist books for 1 RMB? This one is Mao's Quotes.
Dad at the park.
Hanhan and Dad at the lake.
Mom and Hanhan on the beach.
With the peach flower.
So calm it looks like a mirror.
A boat ride.
Rear view.
All alone, strange in China.
See the steel mill in the background?
Gary's lucky flower.