Kindergarten 12/20/05

Working with the little kids is my favorite, in fact, it isn't work at all! Take a look.
Kindergarden 2005-01
1 Parents always want to be in the classes.
Kindergarden 2005-02
2 What's that?
Kindergarden 2005-03
3 Hello, pleased to meet you!
Kindergarden 2005-04
4 Trying to get this one off Mom's lap.
Kindergarden 2005-05
5 'Can you do this?'
Kindergarden 2005-06
6 'Once upon a time...' They like stories if you act them out.
Kindergarden 2005-07
7 Cute kid!
Kindergarden 2005-08
8 The girl is jealous I'm not talking with her.
Kindergarden 2005-09
9 'Let's count them again.'
Kindergarden 2005-10
10 Naaaah!
Kindergarden 2005-11
11 'You have a bear on your shoe!'