Temple Outing 03/26/04

When I first arrived in Ma'anshan, a class invited me to visit a temple on a mountain near town. Though a chilly day, we had fun and made new friends.
Temple Mar 2004-01
1 The group as our day begins.
Temple Mar 2004-04
2 Statue inside one of the Temple Mar 2004-s.
Temple Mar 2004-05
3 Praying for an easy climb!
Temple Mar 2004-06
4 They are good friends.
Temple Mar 2004-07
5 The thousand eye and hand Buddha.
Temple Mar 2004-08
6 A long climb ahead.
Temple Mar 2004-09
7 But I'm ready!
Temple Mar 2004-10
8 Explaining the tablet to me. But now I forget...
Temple Mar 2004-12
9 We're ready to go further now.
Temple Mar 2004-13
10 A shy girl.
Temple Mar 2004-14
11 Finally, the top of the stairs!
Temple Mar 2004-15
12 Everyone is here now.
Temple Mar 2004-16
13 The 'Forbidden Buddha', no pictures allowed.
Temple Mar 2004-17
14 Yangtze River from the top of the hill.
Temple Mar 2004-18
15 Looking in another direction. It was a hazy day.
Temple Mar 2004-19
16 One other look.
Temple Mar 2004-20
17 No, they're not horns.
Temple Mar 2004-21
18 Power Lee the King of the hill!
Temple Mar 2004-23
19 The whole crew.
Temple Mar 2004-24
20 Just the teachers.
21 Just the women.