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Zhu Ran Memorial
Zhu Ran is a famous general from the Three Kingdoms period. His tomb is in Ma'anshan and there is a park dedicated to his memory.
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In front of the relief showing Zhu Ran's victories.
Hanhan and a 'lucky' mascot.
Chinese old coin and modern miser.
The perforated stone thing is an incense burner.
Hanhan and the map of China during the three Kingdoms period.
The bronze pot is also called a wine cup.
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The General, Zhu Ran.
At the museum of Zhu Ran artifacts.
Going inside.
View back towards the park from the museum grounds.
Zhu Ran's coffin. This site is his actual burial ground.
The writing explains when it was found and its age, 1735 years old!
Zhu Ran giving respect to his teacher.
Practice makes perfect. And Zhu Ran was going to be perfect.
Zhu Ran becomes an officer at 19.
Zhu Ran returning from a victory.
Zhu Ran directing a battle.
His promotion to General.
His funeral, this is his King coming to honor him.
The bronze pot has 3 legs to represent the three Kingdoms.