Caishi Aug 2004 08/25/04

Me, Tony, Xiaohua, and Ben visited here one VERY hot day.
Caishi Aug 2004-01
1 A beautiful scene that represents the entire park well.
Caishi Aug 2004-02
2 Inside a small garden that is walled by 300-400 year old stone carvings.
Caishi Aug 2004-03
3 Inside the same garden.
Caishi Aug 2004-04
4 Cool statues just hanging out in the grass.
Caishi Aug 2004-05
5 One gate to Taibai Tower area of the park.
Caishi Aug 2004-06
6 Same gate but suddenly with two vases inside the door.
Caishi Aug 2004-07
7 Taibai Tower area.
Caishi Aug 2004-08
8 One of the many sculptures on display throughout the park.
Caishi Aug 2004-09
9 Sentai Tower. Built in Ming era, and rebuilt after WW II. Has a commanding view of the whole area from high atop a bluff on the Yangtze River.
Caishi Aug 2004-10
10 A ceiling panel inside Sentai Tower.
Caishi Aug 2004-11
11 Heading for Sentai Loft.
Caishi Aug 2004-12
12 Getting closer. This was on a rickety cable car, like a ski lift.