Christmas 2005

Christmas saw everyone having a good time. Family, friends, and food.
Christmas 2005-01
Hanhan & our first Christmas Tree!
Christmas 2005-02
Christmas elf wrapping gifts. Mine I hope!
Christmas 2005-03
Xiaohua, Ben, Summer, Tony
Christmas 2005-04
Ben's a happy boy. Aren't we all on Christmas?
Christmas 2005-05
Hanhan the elf playing with Ben.
Christmas 2005-07
Elf Hanhan and Summer are hoarding the goodies!
Christmas 2005-09
The fellas in the kitchen.
Christmas 2005-11
Getting food while its hot.
Christmas 2005-12
Xiaohua, Ben, and Tony.
Christmas 2005-14
A shot of most everyone who came.
Christmas 2005-16
The Christmas Elves, Summer, Hanhan, and Lily.
Christmas 2005-19
Hanhan and Lily with the Chinese Knot (it's lucky).
Christmas 2005-23
The Christmas fairy will now make Santa life-size again!
Christmas 2005-24
The Christmas Monkey King?