Putang Memorial 05/02/05

Putang is outside of Ma'anshan and is the site of a WW II memorial for victims of the Japanese occupation.
Putang May 2005-01
1 This gives the history of Japanese occupation in the Ma'anshan area.
Putang May 2005-02
2 Images from Ma'anshan showing some of the killings.
Putang May 2005-03
3 A painting showing the opening of a mine. Notice the boy and girl in the hopper to be dropped in the blast furnace.
Putang May 2005-04
4 Some pictures of the weapons used, how many rapes, murders, etc. Think of this next Honda you buy...
Putang May 2005-05
5 Tea, tea, tea. Where's the ice!
Putang May 2005-06
6 A lovely tea picker.
Putang May 2005-07
7 Valley view, this is a very pretty area.
Putang May 2005-08
8 Hanhan's balancing act.
Putang May 2005-09
9 Beautiful view.
Putang May 2005-10
10 Another look.
Putang May 2005-11
11 Peaceful area.
Putang May 2005-12
12 Monument to heroes of the anti-Japanese war.
Putang May 2005-13
13 Baby goat looking for it's mommy.
Putang May 2005-14
14 A bamboo forest.
Putang May 2005-15
15 Bamboo 'unwrapping' itself. This is how it grows.