Snow 2006

Just before we left Ma'anshan, it snowed! Me, Hanhan, Tom, and Tony went up to the mountains to enjoy it.
Snow 2006 001
View from our window. Oh boy, let's play!
Snow 2006 002
An adventurous taxi, most were not driving.
Snow 2006 003
Umbrellas for snow?
Snow 2006 004
We went to a small town on the way to the mountains.
Snow 2006 005
My snow angel.
Snow 2006 006
A winter wonderland.
Snow 2006 007
What's that in the distance? A Sasquatch?
Snow 2006 008
No, it's an ambush!
Snow 2006 009
Snow covered trees look like a painting.
Snow 2006 010
All quiet in the snow. A nice afternoon.