Tony and Tom's Birthday Dinner

Our friends Tom and Tony had their birthday dinner at a Mongolian yurt, and we went up for the weekend.
Tom & Tony Birthday-02
Tony & Tom outside the Mongolian dining yurt.
Tom & Tony Birthday-03
Inside the yurt before dinner.
Tom & Tony Birthday-04
Tony with the Mongolian waitress.
Tom & Tony Birthday-05
Hanhan watching the delicious BBQ being prepared.
Tom & Tony Birthday-07
4 partiers with an unknown drunk behind!
Tom & Tony Birthday-08
Hanhan at the alter praying for more BBQ!
Tom & Tony Birthday-09
Waitress singing Mongolian song and presenting a hada (silk scarf) to Tony.
Tom & Tony Birthday-12
Tom got the same serenade and is wearing his hada.
Tom & Tony Birthday-13
The aftermath. Glad I don't have to clean up.