Zhu Ran Memorial

Zhu Ran is a famous general from the Three Kingdoms period. His tomb is in Ma'anshan and there is a park dedicated to his memory.
Zhu Ran-03
In front of the relief showing Zhu Ran's victories.
Zhu Ran-05
Hanhan and a 'lucky' mascot.
Zhu Ran-06
Chinese old coin and modern miser.
Zhu Ran-07
The perforated stone thing is an incense burner.
Zhu Ran-08
Hanhan and the map of China during the three Kingdoms period.
Zhu Ran-09
The bronze pot is also called a wine cup.
Zhu Ran-11
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Zhu Ran-12
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Zhu Ran-13
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Zhu Ran-14
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Zhu Ran-15
The General, Zhu Ran.
Zhu Ran-17
At the museum of Zhu Ran artifacts.
Zhu Ran-19
Going inside.
Zhu Ran-20
View back towards the park from the museum grounds.
Zhu Ran-21
Zhu Ran's coffin. This site is his actual burial ground.
Zhu Ran-22
The writing explains when it was found and its age, 1735 years old!
Zhu Ran-23
Zhu Ran giving respect to his teacher.
Zhu Ran-24
Practice makes perfect. And Zhu Ran was going to be perfect.
Zhu Ran-25
Zhu Ran becomes an officer at 19.
Zhu Ran-26
Zhu Ran returning from a victory.
Zhu Ran directing a battle.
His promotion to General.
His funeral, this is his King coming to honor him.
The bronze pot has 3 legs to represent the three Kingdoms.