Space Museum

A traveling space museum came to Nanjing and Hanhan's friends invited us to go since they knew I follow space travel.
Space Exhibit-01
3rd stage of a rocket.
Space Exhibit-02
Chinese launch family.
Space Exhibit-03
An inflated spacesuit
Space Exhibit-04
A rocket engine
Space Exhibit-05
Space food, but surprisingly there is no egg foo young.
Space Exhibit-06
Here is a famous Tai Kong Ren suited up.
Space Exhibit-07
A wave to the many fans.
Space Exhibit-08
Model of Shenzhou 5, the first Chinese manned space flight.
Space Exhibit-09
Three friends with parachute made at their University.
Space Exhibit-10
Examining the capsule. Looks like it got pretty hot on reentry.
Space Exhibit-11
Hanhan always wants to touch long pointy things.
Space Exhibit-12
It's THIS big!
Space Exhibit-13
A happy space alien!