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Suzhou Oct 2006
A trip to Suzhou just to have a bit of fun. We came from around China for a weekend of play, food, and drink!
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Typical foreigner image. Willie, Hanhan, David, and Ruth. Gogo too.
Our day at Suzhouland ends, this is a good motto for the place.
Hanhan and Happy at the Outdoor Bar (We call it the 'Dog Bar').
Entry to Suzhouland.
Starting down the main street of Suzhouland.
Screaming, but having a great ride!
Hanhan getting ready to take the first ride of the day. On the Shenzhou VI!
Ride is underway now.
Hanhan and the park's mascot, Sudi.
Tony, Ben, and Hanhan having an accident on their mighty steeds!
Hanhan has killed her giraffe.
Hanhan just got her wings. She's asked for these more than a year.
Two angels, Hanhan and Willie.
We have a problem Houston.
Upside down and rotating. Not for me, but Hanhan loved it.
A rest stop on the way to the roller coaster.
What happens when a shark attacks an angel?
A nice shot showing the roller coaster and the mountains behind it.
Me, Hanhan, Willie, Becky, Tony, and Xiaohua hurtling towards our doom.
An angel and his kitty.
Gary and Hanhan at the 'White House Square'
My angel trying to fly away with a lion.
The group at Papa John's for pizza and beer.
Hanhan telling Willie how big it is. What? I'll leave that up to you...
Tony trapped in rock. We told him to stay out of it.
Koi in a pond at the Canglang Pavilion.
Seats made from roots.
A collection of root furniture. Wealthy Chinese liked to use it to make furniture.
Canglang Pavilion.
Gary under a lantern in front of a column inscribed with Chinese characters signifying status.
The 'Hall of Enlightenment'
Hanhan leaning on a well in the garden.
Five of the sages in the 'Hall of 500 Sages' Though there are actually 548 of them inside.
Getting the doggie bag at lunchtime. Gogo is a nice puppy!