Yangzhou and Jiangyin April 2007

A weekend trip to the City of Yangzhou and Jiangyin.
Yangzhou Apr 07 003
A nice scene at Slim West Lake in Yangzhou
Yangzhou Apr 07 004
Gate to the lake park.
Yangzhou Apr 07 005
Cranes live on this island. Really!
Yangzhou Apr 07 007
A silk ball flower.
Yangzhou Apr 07 010
'Emperor's Dream Flower' Only found in Yangzhou.
Yangzhou Apr 07 012
In an ancient warlord's compound.
Yangzhou Apr 07 014
A view down the lake. See why it's 'Slim West Lake'?
Yangzhou Apr 07 015
People enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the lake.
Yangzhou Apr 07 017
A smiling lion which is quite rare in China.
Yangzhou Apr 07 020
Old tree in front of a temple.
Yangzhou Apr 07 022
A replica of a Beijing style pagoda.
Yangzhou Apr 07 023
Our boat girl who sang better than she sailed.
Yangzhou Apr 07 024
Just before our boat hit this one.
Yangzhou Apr 07 026
This was built out of salt in a day to trick the emperor. Made for real after his visit.
Yangzhou Apr 07 028
A Yangzhou puppet show.
Yangzhou Apr 07 032
Five Lotus Bridge. On a full moon, you can see 15 moons through the arches.
Yangzhou Apr 07 035
Yangzhou Opera performance on a boat. Just to entertain people in the park.
Yangzhou Apr 07 037
The 'Opera' boat showing all players and singers.
Yangzhou Apr 07 038
A building to enjoy a lake view. Nice to be rich in ancient China!
Yangzhou Apr 07 040
Emperor's mother's 'room' where she stayed for her birthday visit.
Elegantly carved building that was built for the Emperor's mother's birthday.
One of the many flower beds in the park.
Nice scene looking out towards a pavilion.
A strange looking flower. I like the pattern of this one.
In the bamboo garden. Note the lack of bamboo.
Between buildings, there are small roofs covering the passages.
The kitchen of the house in the bamboo garden.
The owner's calligraphy room. Some examples are on display here.
I liked these lanterns.
Hanhan at the calligraphy writing table.
An ancient stone etching.
Another example of Tai Hu rock. Chinese are big on this stuff.
A quiet pavilion in the rock garden.
A park along the Changjiang River in Jiangyin.
Hanhan on rock at the entrance of the park.
The Chinese fought the Japanese along the river here and this is one story of that time.
A 216 meter tunnel used to store weapons and ammo for the fight against Japanese.
Victory celebration of the fighters who used this area as their base.

A foggy view of the largest suspension bridge over the Changjiang River.

This is where the river meets the sea.
This gives a sense of the size of the bridge.
A ship that likely will never dock in the USA.
Hanhan in front of the boatyard.
Hanhan and three Japanese girls.
A performance hall in a beautiful park in downtown Jiangyin.
A teahouse in the park.
These scholars rode in to get the scores of their civil service test.