Wedding Day 07/04/05

The day of our wedding dinner was busy, but full of family and friends getting Hanhan ready for her big night!
Wedding Day-02
1 Snack table for guests at our apartment.
Wedding Day-03
2 Hanhan and her attendants.
Wedding Day-08
3 In the 'cave room'
Wedding Day-11
4 Gary with Hanhan's relatives.
Wedding Day-13
5 Gary, Hanhan, Mom, Dad.
Wedding Day-14
6 With Hefei Aunt and cousin.
Wedding Day-16
7 With Hanhan's oldest relative.
Wedding Day-17
8 With Hanhan's Uncle.
Wedding Day-18
9 Do-Re-Mi-Fa, the singing Zhangs!
Wedding Day-22
10 Hanhan and her cousin from Hefei.