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Wedding Dinner
Our wedding dinner, a customary part of getting married in China. This is the day that will be considered your anniversary.
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Arriving at the hotel for our wedding dinner.
Best looking couple in the lobby.
Hanhan & Gary, the lovely couple.
Hanhan & her parents.
Hanhan and her entire family.
And me too, I am part of the family after all!
The banner means Double Happiness.
The most beautiful bride.
Best man Tony with the groom.
A gift from Tony.
And a gift from Patrice.
A special gift for the bride.
Before the guests arrive, time to talk with our friends who setup the room.
Summer, Hanhan, and Gary relax before the dinner begins.
Hanhan, Benjamin, and Xiaohua.
Hanhan's mom touches up her hair.
Having a beer and chatting with Tony.
Listening to Tony's advice for new husbands.
Being escorted to our table.
Hanhan's wedding hairdo. Looks very good with her qipao.
The ring exchange is coming!
Hanhan receives her ring and a promise.
She wants all to see.
Now Hanhan puts the ring on Gary's finger.
We're one happy couple now!
Outside to have fireworks to celebrate the wedding. Tony is the keeper of the beer.
Everyone is outside now, so after a toast we will light the fireworks.
Summer is getting ready to sing a song for us.
Hanhan's dad and a friend singing.
The men play cards.
The women are ready to go home now.