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Boat Buying Excursion
We drove around looking for a wooden fishing boat to buy one weekend.
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We arrive at a wetland and boat dock on Tai Hu.
Down the dock to check out a couple of boats.
A good example of the boat we're looking for.
A fishing junk. Note the pile of green nets on the bow.
A little row boat. This is much more our speed.
People were burning off the brush and the wind was about 30 MPH.
We found the Wuxi municipal water intakes further down the shore.
Hanhan on one of the intake pipes. Not supposed to disturb the area, but who cares?
A working junk on a canal. We're going to board her.
The junk owner, Mr Ding, and his oldest son. Very nice people to let us in their boat/house.
Heading to another area, this coal hauler wanted to pose for me.
A good shot showing the difference between 'have' and 'have-not' in China.
The shacks where we will ask about boats for sale.
A good look at how people live on the water around here.