Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 was nice, parties, travel, friends, eggnog, and presents!
Christmas 2006-01
Gary, Hanhan, and the decorations.
SYU Parties-01
A Chinese Opera performance by the Wuxi Senior Opera troupe.
SYU Parties-02
Opening scene of one of the performances.
SYU Parties-03
Traditional Chinese village dance.
SYU Parties-05
Chinese Opera actor performing a number. Great costume and makeup!
SYU Parties-09
A 'giving flowers' scene.
SYU Parties-15
We attended a student party and enjoyed the food, drinks, and fun.
Christmas 2006-06
The Christmas Eve group
Christmas 2006-07
Three Christmas carolers. Not!
Christmas 2006-08
Xiaohua and Hanhan with some Christmas cheer.
Christmas 2006-09
Hanhan, Becky, and Adam feeling the Christmas spirit.