Ling Shan Buddha Site

Our trip to see the 88 meter Buddha outside of Wuxi.
Ling Shan-01
Heading into the park.
Ling Shan-02
The characters mean 'Tai Lake water can clean your mind'
Ling Shan-26.jpg

A Panoramic view of the copper fresco.

Ling Shan-03
Bridge to Buddha's Paradise
Ling Shan-04
Gate to the 2nd level of Paradise
Ling Shan-06
A baby Buddha is in the lotus.
Ling Shan-07
Hanhan and one of 108 prayer wheels.
Ling Shan-10
The lotus blossom open and Baby Buddha is born!
Ling Shan-11
The baby rotates to bless everyone.
Ling Shan-12
The water cleanses Buddha.
Ling Shan-13
Cleaning is over. Another performance in 2 hours.
Ling Shan-18
Ben & the 'magic' pigeons. They can tell your future.
Ling Shan-22
Hanhan in front of a copper fresco of the life of Buddha.
Ling Shan-27
Hanhan the blasphemer! No touching the copper breasts!!!
Ling Shan-30
Buddhist rules, much like the 10 Commandments.
Ling Shan-31
The column commemorates Buddha's birth.
Ling Shan-32
Gate to the 3rd level of Paradise.
Ling Shan-33
One of the big Buddha's Hands, rub it for luck!
Ling Shan-36
An extra kid has been added.
Ling Shan-37
Its VERY small, hope Buddha answers your prayers buddy.
Younger and older Buddha front to back.
Ben and Hanhan on the steps to Ultimate Paradise
It's a long, long way to Paradise. As the song goes.
Look at the people near the base for perspective.
This Buddha looks like something out of 'Aliens'.
Goddesses celebrating Buddha. This is in the lotus fountain.
Nine Phoenixes bring luck to the beholder.
A short video of the birth of Baby Buddha.