Mei Yuan Park

Mei Yuan Park is a very nice place to spend an afternoon.
Mei Yuan-01
Beginning our visit with a smile!
Mei Yuan-02
Close up of plum blossoms, which is why we're here today.
Mei Yuan-03
A Reflecting pond
Mei Yuan-04
Hanhan with some wine pots.
Mei Yuan-05
Plum blossoms everywhere.
Mei Yuan-06
Me and my lucky flowers, it's a long story.
Mei Yuan-07
Hanhan resting at the original gate to the park.
Mei Yuan-08
This is the 'Heart Washing Spring' To make you forget your cares before entering the park.
Mei Yuan-09
The 'Sky Heart Pagoda'
Mei Yuan-11
Nice path for a stroll though the plum trees.
Mei Yuan-12
The owner's living room. He was a rich art lover and created this park for his enjoyment.
Mei Yuan-13
Another part of his living room.
Mei Yuan-14
An old Chinese building. These are getting hard to find nowadays.
Mei Yuan-15
Further along the path, another example of the old China.
Mei Yuan-17
Now we're heading for the temple on the hill.
Mei Yuan-18
View from the top of the temple.
Mei Yuan-19
From the other side of the temple. All rested now, we'll continue.
Mei Yuan-20
The plaque is the owner's book preface.
Mei Yuan-21
An ancient brass mirror, Hanhan LOVES mirrors!
Mei Yuan-22
A tired Hanhan taking a rest in a beautiful spot.
Gary doesn't get to rest, something about the wicked...
Approaching a church.
Hanhan trying to get in. It's locked because it is only for show.
This is used as a backdrop for weddings. Wedding pictures here are always fantasy.
Hanhan admiring the roses. No picking allowed!
Which is prettier?
A peaceful pond and stream, quite rare in this place to find no people.
My little Dutch girl!
Finally! A shoe that is just my size!
'Handbag' flowers. Very cool, look closely to see how they got their name.
Share MY cotton candy!? Ha!
Hanhan on the climbing wall. She made it all the way.
A flower boat makes a nice seat.
'Better than nature' rock. Because the owner laid this out and thought it was better.
Strange for China, no people in sight. Nice for us though.
The characters say 'Spring begins here'. And on this day, it did.