Peach Festival

The Wuxi area is famous for peaches. We visited the spring festival.
Peach Festival-01
Close up of blossoms in full bloom. They were at their peak this day.
Peach Festival-03
The opening performances were great. Lots of popular singers were there.
Peach Festival-04
Over view of the area from a temple on the side of the extinct volcano.
Peach Festival-06
Incense burners are a part of all temples.
Peach Festival-07
A Buddhist confessional.
Peach Festival-09
Hanhan and her dad coming up for lunch. Tuna sandwiches, yummy!
Peach Festival-10
Da Xiong Bao (Great Manly) Temple and Yang Volcano behind.
Peach Festival-11
People hiking to the rim of the extinct volcano.
Peach Festival-12
Peach pit carvings of every animal year critters. We bought a couple of course.
Peach Festival-13
These are 'Welcome' arches. Quite common in China at events and business openings.
Peach Festival-15
The square, temple, and volcano.
Peach Festival-16
Yang Volcano standing tall behind the temple.
Peach Festival-17
In a peach orchard. The sign says 'Keep Out!'
Peach Festival-18
My own peach, Hanhan.
Peach Festival-19
Hanhan and her mother.
Peach Festival-20
A couple of trespassers in the orchard.
Peach Festival-21
Hanhan's mom playing peek-a-boo!
Peach Festival-22
Hanhan's mother and father.
Peach Festival-23
A small lake at the base of the volcano.
Peach Festival-24
The whole family on a happy day.
Peach trees as far as the eye can see.