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Peach Festival
The Wuxi area is famous for peaches. We visited the spring festival.
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Close up of blossoms in full bloom. They were at their peak this day.
The opening performances were great. Lots of popular singers were there.
Over view of the area from a temple on the side of the extinct volcano.
Incense burners are a part of all temples.
A Buddhist confessional.
Hanhan and her dad coming up for lunch. Tuna sandwiches, yummy!
Da Xiong Bao (Great Manly) Temple and Yang Volcano behind.
People hiking to the rim of the extinct volcano.
Peach pit carvings of every animal year critters. We bought a couple of course.
These are 'Welcome' arches. Quite common in China at events and business openings.
The square, temple, and volcano.
Yang Volcano standing tall behind the temple.
In a peach orchard. The sign says 'Keep Out!'
My own peach, Hanhan.
Hanhan and her mother.
A couple of trespassers in the orchard.
Hanhan's mom playing peek-a-boo!
Hanhan's mother and father.
A small lake at the base of the volcano.
The whole family on a happy day.
Peach trees as far as the eye can see.