Tai Hu (Tai Lake)

Tai Hu (Tai Lake) is the 3rd largest lake in China and we are lucky enough to be able to go there often.
Tai Lake-01
At the Bo Gong Island park entrance.
Tai Lake-02
You wouldn't know you're on the edge of a city of 5 million.
Tai Lake-03
Hanhan amidst the bright green of Spring.
Tai Lake-04
Hanhan's mom at the rail while we take a rest.
Tai Lake-06
A teahouse on the lake, another common sight.
Tai Lake-07
Hanhan in a favorite pose.
Tai Lake-09
View across Tai Lake to Turtle Head island and mountains.
Tai Lake-10
Holding on tight against the wind. It is always windy here in Wuxi.
Tai Lake-11
A nice pavilion for picnics.
Tai Lake-13
Bo Gong and his enchanted steed.
Tai Lake-14
Engraving of the story of Bo Gong controlling Tai Lake flood waters.
Tai Lake-16
Hanhan and 'The animal that does not look like any animal'
Tai Lake-17
It has a pig's nose, dragon's body, horse's tail, and donkey's ears.
Tai Lake-18
The 'Chicago' teahouse. Nope, I didn't visit, never heard of Chicago tea.