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Tai Hu (Tai Lake)
Tai Hu (Tai Lake) is the 3rd largest lake in China and we are lucky enough to be able to go there often.
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At the Bo Gong Island park entrance.
You wouldn't know you're on the edge of a city of 5 million.
Hanhan amidst the bright green of Spring.
Hanhan's mom at the rail while we take a rest.
A teahouse on the lake, another common sight.
Hanhan in a favorite pose.
View across Tai Lake to Turtle Head island and mountains.
Holding on tight against the wind. It is always windy here in Wuxi.
A nice pavilion for picnics.
Bo Gong and his enchanted steed.
Engraving of the story of Bo Gong controlling Tai Lake flood waters.
Hanhan and 'The animal that does not look like any animal'
It has a pig's nose, dragon's body, horse's tail, and donkey's ears.
The 'Chicago' teahouse. Nope, I didn't visit, never heard of Chicago tea.