Xi Hui Park 05/20/06

A visit to Xi Hui Park which has several attractions besides being the Panda zoo.
Xi Hui Park-01
1 Hanhan in the Nine Dragon Plaza.
Xi Hui Park-02
2 The Nine Dragon fresco.
Xi Hui Park-03
3 This boy and girl will bring luck to lovers.
Xi Hui Park-09
4 A panda eating its bamboo. Sorry but the windows are filthy!
Xi Hui Park-11
5 A poor, bored tiger.
Xi Hui Park-13
6 Hanhan measuring the guards in front of the dragon's cave.
Xi Hui Park-14
7 One of the two springs where a famous Chinese song "Two springs Reflect the Moon" was written.
Xi Hui Park-16
8 The figures around the door are the famous Wuxi figurines. They are made from the clay found locally.
Xi Hui Park-18
9 The characters say "Temple for Obedient Children" Meant for adult children.
Xi Hui Park-19
10 This another of the two springs in the song.