Nova Scotia 2019 05/07/20

Nova Scotia 0001
1 In St John, we stumbled upon a street festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.
Nova Scotia 0002
2 Hanhan met a Cosmonaut, well, someone dressed like one anyway. He was from the USSR though.
Nova Scotia 0003
3 These are street performers for 'Buskers on the Bay' in St. John. Really good performers.
Nova Scotia 0005
Nova Scotia 0007
5 A beautiful view down to the Bay of Fundy at the Nova Scotia welcome center.
Nova Scotia 0009
6 Nova Scotia provincial flags flying behind Gary. Nice nautical theme!
Nova Scotia 0010
7 Wild blueberries are one of two top exports here.
Nova Scotia 0011
8 A good start to our visit to N.S., very nioe welcome center.
Nova Scotia 0012
Nova Scotia 0013
Nova Scotia 0015
11 Halifaz clock tower. Being renovated when we were there.
Nova Scotia 0016
12 This is a memorial arch for law enforcement in Canada. It is located in the old Parade grounds.
Nova Scotia 0017
13 Cool graffiti in downtown Halifax.
Nova Scotia 0018
14 Theodore the Tugboat! On the waterfront. Theo is a popular children's book character it seems.
Nova Scotia 0019
15 Celtic Cross in honor of the 1916 Easter Rising.
Nova Scotia 0023
16 Gary & Hanhan hiding from torrential rains and thunderstorm. A very nice dinner though!
Nova Scotia 0024
17 Hanhan had a selection of local oysters! It was edible, she said.
Nova Scotia 0025
Nova Scotia 0026
Nova Scotia 0027
20 Gary and a big chair at the Halifax boardwalk.
21 The big chairs little brothers await tourists.
22 A memorial to the first settlers, who were from Portugal.
27 Drunken lampposts, just like the average Canadian we're told.
29 Drunken lampposts behind Gary. He won't be in that condition this day.
31 Ferry to Dartmouth from Halifax.
32 The toll bridge where Gary had to beg cash to get across.
33 Dartmouth ferry terminal.
35 Arrived at Fisherman's Cove.
36 False advertising! Lobster season ended in May, so no fresh lobster for us.
37 Halifax skyline from a marsh land boardwalk outside Fisherman's Cove.
38 Hanhan and the Merhorse. At the visitors center.
39 Restored fishing shacks, now touristy shops.
42 Our private yacht turned out to be a skiff!
43 Gary and the skiff captain looking for 3 other passengers who disappeared.
44 The captain is taking us to McNabb's Island.
45 On board.
46 Later, Hanhan will walk the plank!
47 This deserted island is our destination. We'll explore it alone for a few hours.
48 Fort McNabb, an abandoned British fort that was used until after WW II.
49 Walking to the gun enplacements.
51 The rifling of an artillery piece at the fort. Look at the twists inside the barrel.
52 Lighthouse across the fresh water lagoon.
54 There is a nice beach on the island. Empty too!
56 Looking at a container ship coming up the harbor.
57 Container ship and lighthouse.
58 Lookout point.

The view from Lookout Point.

60 Happy Campers? No, happy hikers!
61 Well, the captain and skiff SHOULD be here...
64 Captain Red Beard spotted a seal and slowed for us to look at it. It's the little dot in the background.
65 Hanhan sampling Halifax official food, the donair. Yucky! Pizza was no better.
66 We are in New Scotland, so Hanhan had Haggis! Gary had a lobster roll. Both proved to be good.
67 Haggis, served with mashed potato, gravy, and green beans. Actually very good.
68 The Citadel. This is a guard there in his kilt and fuzzy hat. We didn't go inside.
71 Halifax Public Garden. Very nice Victorian gardens in the city.
72 Lovely view!
73 The concert pavillion in the center of the gardens.
74 Hanhan with her Grandma's soup ingredient. Poppies!
75 The coolest design, a dragon!
76 Well preserved colonial era housing in Halifax.
77 Enjoying iced coffee while watching the world pass by.
78 Picnicing by the sea. We saw container ships, but none to unload.
84 We laid out our picnic spread and enjoyed the scenery.
86 Gary with a Canadian aircraft carrier anchor. The links on the chain are huge.
87 Wrought iron pavillion, one of only a few left intact in the world.
88 An old fort's magazine.
89 One of the fort's guns overlooking the harbor.
90 We both like the industrial, working aspect of the waterfront. These cranes are great.
91 Couldn't believe we found Want Want in a Halifax grocery!
92 Arriving in Luneburg, a UNESCO world heritage site.
93 Luckily, we have our rain slickers.
95 This is a great example of the 5 sided Luneburg dormer.
97 Gary has become a slice!
98 Luneburg is a preserved 18th century fishing settlement.
99 Canada has a picnic culture. Picnic tables everywhere. This is our Sri Lankan picnic delights.
101 The black house. No idea why, but thought it cool.
102 The old Church of England. This burned but was perfectly restored.
103 The bells are tolling the hour.
104 Annapolis valley, N.S. food basket.
106 Across from Look & Lick, great ice cream.
107 Cape Split trail, muddy on this day.
108 This tree grew wildly, kinda cool.
110 After a long hard hike, the payoff is this view.
111 So happy to be at the end of the trail. Let's not mention the hike back...
112 Sea gull rookery. 100s of them on these rocks.
117 Just a beautiful view from here. The tide is going out as you can tell.
120 Hanhan taking in the view from the cliff.
121 Gary is cautious, some say scared, but he prefers cautious.
122 Our last view of Scot's Bay, the sunset was pretty.
123 Hanhan by the coastline on the way to Cape Bretton.
124 A good section of the Cabot Trail.
125 A preview of the sunset we experienced on our Sunset Hike.
128 The end of the Sunset Trail can't help but put a smile on your face.
130 The rope netting is to hold the sub-Arctic plants in place as the take up to 20 years to mature.

Is there a better place than this for watching the sun set?


The Sun is almost in the ocean now.

142 The Sun is gone leaving behind this spectacular scene.
143 There are sea roses growing wild all over this area. Great fragrance!
144 Hanhan is so excited to be exploring the World Famous Cabot Trail!
145 We'll be driving along the ocean all day. What a beautiful drive it is!
147 Each of the frequent overlooks showcases the ocean.
149 This is a Fen, which is a bog that gets water from external sources like a spring or stream.
150 Fisherman's Cove is far below us. We quit paying attention to coves as there is at least one at every turn.
154 Gary's searching for good food! Sorely lacking on this trip.
155 We came upon an owl in a tree. Good scouting Hanhan!
157 A Lonely Shelding. This is what Scottish shepards used on the highlands to weather winter storms.
159 We drove down to a nice waterfall.
160 Must dismantle firearms. No idea why.
162 Another picnic, this one by the beach!
163 This is what passes for a beach in Canada.
164 Rocky shoreline.
165 Just a pleasant view.
166 Hanhan always says she has rocks in her shoe. This time I believe her.
167 Boardwalk going out the head.
168 Blue shirt, blue ocean, blue sky.
169 Same view but Gary has added blue jeans.
172 Walking the boardwalk in Cheticamp. Gorgeous!
173 We really liked the harbor area in Cheticamp.
174 The lighthouse is done up in the Acadian Region's colors.
175 These Zodiac boats are used for whale watching tours. Whales guaranteed!
176 As the sun sets on the fishing fleet, it also sets on our adventure. Tomorrow we go home.