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Independence Day 2011
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In front of the Historic Museum.
With Independence Day decoration.
An old buggy.
Ready for the tour of the first guest house in Arkansas.
Old dining room.
Original fireplace of the guest house.
Hanhan and bearskin rug.
That's why they call it a "bar".
The writting desk.
You rented a space in bed for only $2, not the whole bed.
People gather in the game area.
Hanhan playing hoops.
Talk with a character at the museum.
Getting on the stilts.
Walking---for half second.
The end.
Gary and his trusty steed.
Cool down in the shade.
Lawyer's house
Inside his house.
The bedroom.
Where are the British?
In the parade.
Long leg Uncle Sam.
At the waterfront for fconcerts and fireworks.
A nice crowd.
Pops on the Riverfront.