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Maritime Museum
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World War II Submarine Memorial
USS Razorback at dock.
The screws from the submarine.
Anchor from the USS Arkansas, a guided missile frigate.
Sailor Hanhan tries on her cover.
Aft torpedo room. See the shooters seat in between the tubes?
The head.
Battery control panel. This controls all the electric power.
The circuit breakers.
There are panels like this everywhere onboard.
Hanhan is enthralled by the dials and controls.
Part of the radio room with 1940s technology.
More radio room. I actually know some of this stuff.
The diving station, controls the front diving planes and the ballast tanks.
The fore torpedo room with tubes open.
Hanhan at the end of the tour.
This sub was there at the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay.
A view of the razorback against the Little Rock skyline.
Hundreds of catfish and turtles swarm here because of the tourists.
Hanhan and the 3inch gun.