Autumn Around Cicero

Hanhan & Gary search for Autumn around central Indiana.
Autumn 2009-01
All the colors of fall are here.
Autumn 2009-02
Hanhan's fire red hair matches the tree.
Autumn 2009-03
People enjoying a beautiful fall day.
Autumn 2009-04
A shot up through the golden leaves.
Autumn 2009-05
A brightly lit scene.
Autumn 2009-07
An old switching yard engine.
Autumn 2009-08
An old tank car at the train museum.
Autumn 2009-10
The sorting bay of the mail car.
Autumn 2009-11
The sacks of mail waiting for their destination.
Autumn 2009-12
In the baggage car, all space is used. Even the ceiling.
Autumn 2009-14
A well restored caboose.
Autumn 2009-16
We wandered into the repair yard and found this steam engine.
Autumn 2009-17
I've never seen the front of the engine opened up like this.
Autumn 2009-18
One of the guys who showed us everything about restoring the engine.
Autumn 2009-19
The cab of the steam engine is waiting to be reunited with the boiler.
Autumn 2009-20
Outside the train museum.
Autumn 2009-21
A covered bridge near our house.
Autumn 2009-22
Looking downstream from the covered bridge.
Autumn 2009-25
A better view of the covered bridge.
Autumn 2009-28
Happy Hanhan is taking a break near the river.
Schoolgirl Hanhan matches the bright trees in our backyard.
Out for a hike in Koteewi Park near our house.
This area was an Indian village, here's Gary's squaw now.
Hanhan and the choke cherries. Not edible, the berries that is.
The only color to be found in this park.
Gary in the prairie.
Imagine when you would have been the only person here.
Hiking down the riverbank.
You can see that Winter is not far off.