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Indianapolis June 2009
Hanhan & Her Parents in Indianapolis.
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Zhang family at Memorial Circle.
Parents with Capitol dome.
A scene of the Civil War with Lady Liberty.
Gary & Hanhan
Zhang Family posing.
The Capitol.
East side of Capitol.
Front of Capitol.
Statues representing early Hoosiers.
Hanhan & mom on Capitol stairs.
Hanhan with parents taking a break.
Gary, Hanhan, Capitol.
Inside the Capitol.
Hanhan and Gary on stage.
Chinese take over Indiana.
Chinese at Department of, what else, Education.
Ornate detail on the celings.
Raise your hand if your need to use the bathroom.
The skill all politicians need is represented here.
Stained glass under the dome.
Self evident.
Hanhan thought this would be a good place to pose.
From the Rotunda you can see three floors of the Capitol.
One of the many chandeliers in the Capitol.
Hanhan's mom at the Court of Appeals.
Hanhan's dad greeting criminals at the Court of Appeals.
The Zhang family takes a break.
Details like this are throughout the Capitol.
Inside the Capitol chapel.
Hanhan's dad guarding the Senate.
Zhang family in front of the happy childrens fountain.
The fountain.
War Memorial.
Gary with the Wienermobile.
World War monument.