Family Fun Day

A Day of Fun with Family.
Family Fun Day-43
Hanhan and mom sneaking into a boat.
Family Fun Day-45
Hanhan's parents want this red boat one day.
Family Fun Day-53
There are many hot air ballons around the area.
Family Fun Day-61
Gary & Hanhan go canoeing.
Family Fun Day-62
The Zhang family ready to paddle!
Family Fun Day-63
The girls waiting on the men, as they should.
Family Fun Day-64
We had to carry the canoes around a dam here.
Family Fun Day-65
Ed & Gary think "this better be the last canoe".
Family Fun Day-66
Put the Chinese to work.
Family Fun Day-67
Canoe aren't as light as you'd think.
Family Fun Day-70
Hanhan and her mom wait on one last canoe.
Family Fun Day-72
Ed & Sharon took a shortcut.
Family Fun Day-73
Family Fun Day-77
Hanhan just looks like she is paddling.
Family Fun Day-79
Hammer family racing down the dangerous river.
Family Fun Day-83
Hanhan's mom holding her paddle. Just like Hanhan.
Family Fun Day-84
Hanhan steering into the riverbank.
Family Fun Day-91
Enjoying a picnic on the river.
Family Fun Day-92
Happy to be this far.
Family Fun Day-99
Ed is the last off the river, seems happy.
Showing off his sunburn. First in his life!
Crazed Chinese teacher speeds around the track.
Hammer brothers in a death match on the track.
Pink Lady, poking around the track.
Having vanquished his brother, Gary takes a victory lap.
Hanhan's mom at the hair raising speed of 2 MPH.
Hanhan has fun racing around the track..
Making a putt at putt-putt golf.
Hanhan and mom sharing bowling tips.
A careful approach.
And its off, strike!