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Indiana State Fair
A trip to the fair.
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Hanhan's dad on a 1935 John Deer.
Hanhan in front of an old steam tractor.
They don't build them like that anymore.
This area is an old farm. Everything run by steam.
Farming used to be very dangerous with equipment like this.
Hanhan and her mom laugh at Johnny Appleseed's jokes.
Hanhan's dad with huge farm machinery.
Hanhan and her dad.
Hanhan's dad prepares to be a construction worker.
Hanhan looks right at home on her tractor.
A shot down the midway, we love the food!
Mom with an acrobat from the Peking Acrobats.
The oldest farm machine in Indiana.
A float for the parade.
The blacksmith shop.
A Rube Goldberg farm machine.
Checking out the dairy cows. Where does it give ice cream?
Hanhan found the chocolate milk!
Huge oxen, they each weigh 2 tons!
Old tractor.
Everyone here is in costume and in character.
Johnny Appleseed.
We just liked this old truck and the sign.
Civil War cannon.
Quilters, a rare breed nowadays.
The old way to make cloth.
Saturday night at the barn dance.
The farm kitchen at lunchtime.
A corn harvesting machine.
Mom on a tractor just her size.
A Bobcat in action.
The DNR building at the fair.
Mom signs up for free health check.
The old covered bridge.
Hanhan's parents.
The shuttle tractor.
A ride on the midway.
Hanhan and her dad rode this one.
Rabbits, fried, roasted, stewed. Yum!
This one has the softest fur. Great for a coat.
This is a giant rabbit, the size of a small dog.
Turkey chicks.
A prize winning cabbage.
First place regular pumpkin.
Pumpkin and its babies.
Hanhan likes big things.
The biggest pumpkin, first place.
It weighs 401.5 pounds.
Their planning how to cook it.
Hanhan wants to steal the watermelon, because its hot at the fair.