A Day in Indianapolis

A day in Indianapolis, complete with a crane.
Indy May 2009-02
A crane visited our backyard lake.
Indy May 2009-04
A handsome position when in flight.
Indy May 2009-06
Indy is called "The Circle City" because of this War Memorial.
Indy May 2009-08
Hanhan with the Civil War portion of the monument.
Indy May 2009-09
We just like these unique street lights.
Indy May 2009-11
An old church surrounded by tall buildings.
Indy May 2009-12
Looking down toward the Capitol building.
Indy May 2009-15
These are the things that a Civil War soldier would recognize.
Indy May 2009-18
Hanhan in front of Lady Liberty.
Indy May 2009-24
Old clock in the Carson's Building.