Shooting Range 08/15/09

Hanhan and her family at the range.
Shooting Range-01
1 Hanhan's dad is pretty acurate.
Shooting Range-03
2 Giving shooting advice to Hanhan.
Shooting Range-06
3 Pretty happy with her first shooting results.
Shooting Range-08
4 Hanhan's mom did well too.
Shooting Range-09
5 Her dad in action.
Shooting Range-11
6 Taking aim.
Shooting Range-12
7 Good shooting.
Shooting Range-13
8 Happy Hanhan after shooting.
Shooting Range-14
9 Parents are getting the hang of this.
Shooting Range-16
10 He wanted to fire a pistol, 9mm looked good.
Shooting Range-17
11 No, no. Look the other way.
Shooting Range-18
12 This about knocked her mom down.
Shooting Range-19
13 Hanhan was pretty good with the 9.
Shooting Range-21
14 Right between the eyes.
Shooting Range-23
15 He used a whole box of shells in about 15 minutes.
Shooting Range-24
16 The picture says 'Gun salesman of the month'.
Shooting Range-25
17 This was a nice gunshop.
Shooting Range-26
18 Pistols are expensive.
Shooting Range-27
19 More pics in the gun case. Says 'This empty space brought to you by your President'.
Shooting Range-30
20 First shot is coming up.
21 Hanhan and scared mom after mom's first round.
22 Much happier now.