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Shooting Range
Hanhan and her family at the range.
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Hanhan's dad is pretty acurate.
Giving shooting advice to Hanhan.
Pretty happy with her first shooting results.
Hanhan's mom did well too.
Her dad in action.
Taking aim.
Good shooting.
Happy Hanhan after shooting.
Parents are getting the hang of this.
He wanted to fire a pistol, 9mm looked good.
No, no. Look the other way.
This about knocked her mom down.
Hanhan was pretty good with the 9.
Right between the eyes.
He used a whole box of shells in about 15 minutes.
The picture says 'Gun salesman of the month'.
This was a nice gunshop.
Pistols are expensive.
More pics in the gun case. Says 'This empty space brought to you by your President'.
First shot is coming up.
Hanhan and scared mom after mom's first round.
Much happier now.