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Indianapolis Zoo
A day at the zoo.
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Happy to be at the zoo on a beautiful day.
Seals and sea lions playing.
Hanhan petting the sharks.
Pretty cool, a shark petting pool.
The penguins are always cool (sorry).
King (not Emperor) penguins.
Polar bears are much larger than you think.
The dolphin show was pretty neat.
This was the biggest walrus at the zoo.
Catching some sun and napping.
The view from the dolphin dome.
Tiger, tiger, burning bright.
Gibbons have LONG arms. Four hands too.
Sucking its thumb, must be bored.
Hanhan loves to eat bamboo. Cooked though.
Alaskan brown bears playing.
This one is looking for food.
Hanhan likes pink flamingos.
This tortoise wanted a pair of shades.
The giraffes are elegant in their own way.
A baby giraffe.
Same baby looking for its mother.
Rhinos doing what rhinos do.
This one is the size of a pickup truck.