Apple Orchard Visit

A Peoria tradition is going out to an apple orchard in the fall to drink cider, pick apples, and have some fun.
Apple Orchard Day-02
Hanhan the piggy girl.
Apple Orchard Day-03
Hanhan and Cassie with the cast from 'The Wizard of OZ'.
Apple Orchard Day-04
Linda as the horse, Cole as the cow.
Apple Orchard Day-05
Cassie as a horse.
Apple Orchard Day-06
Gary in the outhouse.
Apple Orchard Day-07
Cole, Cassie, and Hanhan in the petting zoo.
Apple Orchard Day-08
Hanhan and her hero, Pinocchio.
Apple Orchard Day-09
Hanhan and Cole with the Seven Dwarves.
Apple Orchard Day-10
Hanhan and Cole with the Pumpkin Guard.
Apple Orchard Day-11
Hanhan helping the Three Little Pigs against the wolf.
Apple Orchard Day-12
Taking a hayride to the orchard to pick apples.
Apple Orchard Day-13
Hanhan taking care to select only the juiciest apples.
Apple Orchard Day-14
The trees look small, but they are loaded with apples.
Apple Orchard Day-15
The girls pick, the boys eat!
Apple Orchard Day-16
Hanhan getting up to the highest apple on the tree.
Apple Orchard Day-18
Hanhan's secret 'ladder' helps get the best apples.
Apple Orchard Day-24
Looking down one row of apple trees full of fruit.
Apple Orchard Day-25
This tree is filled with red, ripe, delicious apples.
Apple Orchard Day-26
The red apple section of the orchard.
Apple Orchard Day-27
Tired apple pickers heading back to the main gate.
Cassie driving the 'Cool' bus.
Hanhan and Linda getting on a Monster Truck for a ride.
Hanhan waves as she waits for the ride to begin.
A good shot of how large the Monster Truck is.
Hanhan and Cassie racing go-karts at the end of our day.