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Apple Orchard Visit
A Peoria tradition is going out to an apple orchard in the fall to drink cider, pick apples, and have some fun.
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Hanhan the piggy girl.
Hanhan and Cassie with the cast from 'The Wizard of OZ'.
Linda as the horse, Cole as the cow.
Cassie as a horse.
Gary in the outhouse.
Cole, Cassie, and Hanhan in the petting zoo.
Hanhan and her hero, Pinocchio.
Hanhan and Cole with the Seven Dwarves.
Hanhan and Cole with the Pumpkin Guard.
Hanhan helping the Three Little Pigs against the wolf.
Taking a hayride to the orchard to pick apples.
Hanhan taking care to select only the juiciest apples.
The trees look small, but they are loaded with apples.
The girls pick, the boys eat!
Hanhan getting up to the highest apple on the tree.
Hanhan's secret 'ladder' helps get the best apples.
Looking down one row of apple trees full of fruit.
This tree is filled with red, ripe, delicious apples.
The red apple section of the orchard.
Tired apple pickers heading back to the main gate.
Cassie driving the 'Cool' bus.
Hanhan and Linda getting on a Monster Truck for a ride.
Hanhan waves as she waits for the ride to begin.
A good shot of how large the Monster Truck is.
Hanhan and Cassie racing go-karts at the end of our day.