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Autumn In Illinois
On a nice autumn day, we drove up the Illinois River to enjoy the sights.
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A small island in the Illinois River at Henry.
Swans and geese take a rest on their journey south.
Hanhan and Cole scaring the birds away.
The birds are safely in the water.
Hanhan with her lucky swan feather.
Hanhan taking in the Henry waterfront.
'Indian' corn makes a nice Autumn display.
The pumpkin patch awaiting 'The Great Pumpkin'.
The diner where we ate lunch shows its colors.
Brilliant artist Hanhan's masterpiece, 'The Blob'.
Hanhan and Cole with a Vietnam War tank in Lacon.
Trees at the Lacon Town Square.
A World War I memorial with Gary's Uncle's inscribed.
A tree at the peak of color.
A stunning beauty stands alone.
Twin trees frame the river.
A classic autumn view from Grandview Drive in Peoria.
One of the many nice homes that we'd like to have one day.
All along Grandview Drive the scenery is beautiful.
The grasses have turned brown while the tress are at their peak.
A sea of color at every turn.
A final glimpse of the kalidescope of fall in Peoria.