Autumn In Peoria

On a nice autumn Sunday, we drove around Peoria enjoying the scenery.
Fall Color-01
Cathedral and Bishop's Home.
Fall Color-02
A pair of brilliant maples.
Fall Color-03
Hanhan and a 500 year old tree.
Fall Color-04
Hanhan and the history of the tree.
Fall Color-05
A fine example of the houses along High Street in Peoria.
Fall Color-06
Another well kept home.
Fall Color-07
Another newer, but still cool home on High Street.
Fall Color-08
A Chinese restaurant on Main Street.
Fall Color-09
The Chinese grocery where we shop.
Fall Color-10
Heading down Main Street hill.
Fall Color-11
Hanhan taking a photo.
Fall Color-12
The old National Bank building.
Fall Color-13
In front of Jim's Steakhouse, the best dining in town.
Fall Color-14
Two banks, old and new.
Fall Color-15
A lawyer's office building.
Fall Color-16
Hanhan and Abe Lincoln at the courthouse.
Fall Color-17
Hanhan reading the inscription.
Fall Color-18
Empty street for being in the center of town.
Fall Color-19
No activity in any direction.
Fall Color-20
Not a soul around and about.
Peoria City Hall.
A cool stone building that Hanhan likes.
A view of the Illinois River.
The heart of Downtown Peoria.
St Francis Hospital in the medical district. Gary was born here!
A different perspective of the downtown area.
One lone tree has changed into its fall colors.
Heading up Fondulac Drive we see more trees changing color.
All around the town the colors are becoming bright and beautiful.
One of the bridges to Peoria.
Hanhan likes the bridge, so you get to see it twice.
Golden leaves against the blue sky.
Trees frame the river along Grandview Drive.
One of the many stone houses along Grandview Drive.
A typical farm on the bottom land along the river.
A boater taking advantage of a rare warm day in October.
Enjoy the scenery, we did.
Another "grand view".
Crazed jet ski rider.
A party boat heading upriver.
One lone golden tree attracts our attention.
A castle along the drive. Nice place!