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Halloween 2007
Halloween night and Hanhan's first "Trick or Treat" was lots of fun.
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Hanhan having her makeup applied by Linda.
The Tooth Fairy is ready!
Tooth Fairy and Jack o' Lanterns
A dinosaur, senorita, and tooth fairy.
A midnight princess and the tooth fairy.
Hanhan's first house.
Success! Candy in the bag!
More trick or treat loot!
More candy, more smiles!
Trick or treat team heading to another house.
Getting the treats!
Tina, Brian, and their ladybug.
The Halloween float.
Decorations on the back of the float.
A tired ladybug.
Waiting her turn to get a treat.
A hotdog looks at the tooth fairy.
Three scary jack o' lanterns.
Boo! Did it scare you?
Ladybug dragging her bag of candy towards another house.
Everyone decorates their home like this.
Ladybug is ready to go home now.
The successful team is heading in to total their take.
Back at the base, the family waits for the trick or treaters to return.
Cassie and Hanhan eating their goodies.
Cassie gives Hanhan a gift.
It's a pretty hair band that matches one Cassie has.