Hanhan's Master's Ceremony 05/15/09

Hanhan graduates! With a perfect 4.0 GPA.
Hanhan Graduation-01
1 Before ceremony.
Hanhan Graduation-02
2 Class of '09 graduate.
Hanhan Graduation-03
3 Hanhan and 4 others in her group marching to the seats.
Hanhan Graduation-10
4 The Orb of Knowledge carried by the most senior Professor.
Hanhan Graduation-12
5 Speakers, Graduates, and all their flags.
Hanhan Graduation-13
6 Hanhan receives her hood, hers is white for Master of Art.
Hanhan Graduation-16
7 Hanhan receiving her diploma! Sweeeeet!
Hanhan Graduation-22
8 All done, a happy graduate!
Hanhan Graduation-23
9 The Hammer Family wishes Hanhan luck!
Hanhan Graduation-24
10 Gary is very proud of Hanhan.
Hanhan Graduation-27
11 Hanhan is so happy to see her party room.
Hanhan Graduation-28
12 Sharon opens the cake.
Hanhan Graduation-29
13 Hanhan is ready to eat the cake, but we prevail...
Hanhan Graduation-30
14 The cake says "Congratulations on your Masters Hanhan". Indeed!
Hanhan Graduation-31
15 Cake, cake, cake.
Hanhan Graduation-33
16 Cutting the cake, with Cassie anxiously waiting.
Hanhan Graduation-35
17 Hanhan and her cake under the banner.
Hanhan Graduation-37
18 One card that Hanhan liked.
Hanhan Graduation-43
19 Ed & Linda playing with a talking card.
Hanhan Graduation-44
20 This one is Hanhan.
21 Everyone is laughing and we all had a great time.