Independence Day

Hanhan & Gary celebrate Independence Day with the Hammer Family.
Independence Day-02
Getting ready to build the fireworks launching pad.
Independence Day-04
Gary shooting a bottle rocket from his hand.
Independence Day-05
Sharon pulling a trailer load of fireworks for the evenings celebration.
Independence Day-07
Getting the fireworks display together.
Independence Day-08
Takes lots of work to get this many fireworks set up and ready.
Independence Day-09
Sharon looks worried about the corn becoming popcorn later tonight!
Independence Day-10
Hanhan and her American flag firecrackers.
Independence Day-12
American firecrackers are attacking Hanhan, run!
Independence Day-14
Hanhan in Ed and Sharon's yard.
Independence Day-16
Hanhan is getting out of the pool for a while.
Independence Day-17
Scott and Susan enjoying a cool snack of fruit and dip.
Independence Day-19
Don preparing a sandwich with his special technique.
Independence Day-20
Hanhan, Cassie, and Tré playing in the pool.
Independence Day-31
One of the fireworks shot during the evening.
Independence Day-41
An aerial display caught as it explodes.
Independence Day-46
Independence Day family picnic begins.
Independence Day-47
Special decorations for Hanhan & Gary's anniversary.
Independence Day-48
The surprise cake, card, and ribbons that Sharon and Ed gave us.
Independence Day-51
Most of the family are enjoying a rest after the picnic lunch.
Independence Day-52
A view of the crowds at the park. Ha!
Hanhan loves the melon basket Tina made for the picnic.
Gary and Hanhan with their spice cake with peanut butter frosting. Notice our ribbons too!
Scott gave Hanhan a golf lesson. Check her form on this swing!