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Olde English Faire
Hanhan & Gary Attend The 'Olde English Faire'.
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Hanhan checking out some pirate 'booty'.
Four knights riding towards a meeting with the King.
Colorful knights and their costumed steeds.
Pipers leading the King & Queen during the parade to the festival.
Men in skirts.
The King & Queen with the wizard.
English merchant.
A knight walking with his squire and his lady.
A mid-eastern merchant.
A troubadour.
A mysterious veiled woman.
A knife juggler.
Hanhan examining the chain mail.
A last look at the chainmail.
King and Queen waiting for the start of the tournament of arms.
Ladies in waiting and the wizard are always nearby.
Broadsword combat.
Rapiers require great skill.
Looks like a Spanish Conquistador.
A melee, every man for himself!
Hacking and slicing are the way to win.
A knight looking for someone new to attack.
Two on one, the Japanese Samurai won though.
These two ended up killing one another.
Knights pledging their honor to their ladies.
Preparing for battle.
Lay on!
A very funny juggler standing on his ladder.
The plunger was stuck to his belly button a moment ago...
Preparing for the acrobatic final act.
Voila! Balanced! For about 3 seconds!
A contest to pick rings off the cross arms.
Now picking the rings with the pike.
Checking what test will be next in the tournament.
A brave knight and his mount ready for combat.
Striking a blow to kill the opponent.
Run away! He was chased down and defeated.
After the chase, the final battle.
Prepared for jousting, they await the signal to begin.
The pikes crash into the opponent with lots of force.
This one is aimed right at the enemy's head!
Judging the winner after the tournament.
A medieval oven baking bread.
See the fire banked at the back? See why you have to rotate the bread often?
Gypsies serenading the crowd.
If you throw the axe accurately you will cut the string.
If the string is cut, the bucket of dragon pee is dumped on the boy!
Hanhan admires the wooden spoon made at this tent.
It takes hours to shape a tree limb into the spoon or other utensil.