2007 Prairie Air Show

We went to the 2007 Prairie Air Show and had an excellent time. Hanhan even flew in a plane!
Prairie Airshow 07-001
Hanhan and an F-16
Prairie Airshow 07-002
Hanhan and an A-10 'Tank Killer'
Prairie Airshow 07-003
Hanhan next to the Sidewinder missile.
Prairie Airshow 07-004
Inside the C-130 Cargomaster
Prairie Airshow 07-006
At the rear ramp of the C-130
Prairie Airshow 07-007
Getting ready to board the KC-135 Stratotanker
Prairie Airshow 07-008
In the cockpit, hands off the throttles Hanhan!
Prairie Airshow 07-010
Hanhan on a jump seat in the rear of the KC-135.
Prairie Airshow 07-011
Down the red carpet.
Prairie Airshow 07-012
At the controls of a Blackhawk helicopter
Prairie Airshow 07-014
Admiring the CH-47 Chinook heavy lift helicopter
Prairie Airshow 07-015
A MIG-17, look at the blunt nose.
Prairie Airshow 07-017
Hanhan with a Sea King naval helicopter.
Prairie Airshow 07-018
Hanhan geting ready to fly in this Cessna 172!
Prairie Airshow 07-019
Hanhan is the co-pilot!
Prairie Airshow 07-020
They are on the takeoff roll now.
Prairie Airshow 07-021
Hanhan is airborn!
Prairie Airshow 07-022
The P-51 Mustang on the ramp.
Prairie Airshow 07-023
Hanhan waves as the return.
Prairie Airshow 07-024
Hanhan runs to get her 'Young Eagle' certificate after her flight.
The F-18 being fueled and checked for its flight.
Hanhan near the static display area.
Hanhan with lots of radio controlled planes.
Want to fight the Army helicopter pilots?
Hanhan and a Starwars pilot
Hanhan inside a Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Having a rest on the fighting vehicle
Seems happy to hold the M-4, doesn't she?
Having a little trouble holding the entry shield.
At the wheel of a Forward Air Control Humvee
Showing you the size of the Gatling gun barrels on the A-10
With an L-79 Soviet trainer.
In front of the Life Flight helicopter. An emergency room in the air.
A B-25 that performed bombing missions over Japan.
A C-47 from WW-II that would have flown 'The Hump' into China.
The opening performance of the day. Biplanes and a paratrooper holding the US flag.
The Red Baron squadron in formation. Pizza bombers!
One of the Golden Knights trailing smoke.
One paratrooper standing on the other's parachute!
These two have locked their legs together while falling through the sky.
The Air Force jet car!
The business end of the jet car.
He hits the throttle...
He is instantly WAY down the ramp!
The jet car is racing a plane. The plane is upside down!
A 1940s Stearman training takes off.
Another of the team is following close behind.
All four are in formation now.
The P-51 in flight. This is what won WW-II in Europe.
An F-18 starts its takeoff roll.
F-18 in flight rolling sideways.
Coming in for a 'carrier' landing. See the tailhook?
F-18 heading upstairs FAST! You can see the pilot.
The F-18 pilot taking a bow for the crowd.
A WW-II naval trainer plane.
The Air Force version of the WW-II trainer.
An insane pilot starting his show.
A very low level pass over the runway.
Flying on his wingtip!
Upside down at the top of a loop.
Flying straigh, level, low, but updise down!
The Red Baron squadron performing as a unit.
More of the pizza bombers in action.
Climbing for another pass.
All four upside down at the top of a loop. In biplanes!
Two of the Red Baron flight head on to each other.
Making a heart in the sky.
The heart is finished.
Part of the audience watching the show.
The pilot of the MIG-17 waves to the crowd.
The MIG-17 in flight. Notice the flame from the afterburner.
The Golden Knights jump plane taking them up for a jump.
One of the Golden Knights on his way to a perfect landing.
The POW-MIA flag bearer coming down beautifully.
The jump plane on the ground.
The Aerostars team flying their YAK-52s in precision formation.
The Aerostars in inverted flight.
Diving towards ground to start a loop.
A high speed fly by.
An F-16 ready for takeoff.
Three of the Red Baron planes on the ground next to a Pitts SB-1
The F-16 starts its takeoff run.
The wheels are up, and in only about 5 seconds after it started.
Very high, very fast, and turning hard.
A high speed pass for the crowd.
Going off to meet a Mustang for a fly by.
Just a nice shot of the F-16 flying.
The 'Heritage Flight' An F-16 and a P-51 in formation. 60 years of change!
Hanhan in front of a hot air balloon.
A Blackhawk being readied for takeoff.
The Blackhawk and the hot air balloon make an odd sight.
A Blackhawk in flight.