Pumpkin Festival Parade

Morton Illinois is "The Pumpkin Capital of the World" and has a parade and festival each year.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-001
Cole, Cassie, and Hanhan heading for a spot to watch the parade.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-002
A display of pumpkins in a yard along the way.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-003
People along the parade route waiting for the kickoff.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-004
The parade begins!
Pumpkin Festival 2007-005
A 1937 firetruck makes its way past us.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-008
The Morton Highschool cheerleaders are tossing candy to the crowds.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-010
Boy Scouts carrying the flag.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-013
Little princesses riding their pumpkin coach.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-015
Men in skirts, also know as The Scottish Pipers.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-016
One of the many floats we saw. The theme was 'Pumpkins go Hawaiian'
Pumpkin Festival 2007-017
The champion pumpkin, 634 pounds (288 kg)!
Pumpkin Festival 2007-018
Another float. See the 'pearls' in the pumpkin oyster?
Pumpkin Festival 2007-019
Lots of dogs in various states of dress and undress.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-022
Washington Grade School pep squad performs.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-023
Old people on parade.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-024
See how they decorated the wheelchairs?
Pumpkin Festival 2007-025
The Hammer viewing spot.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-028
Another float with kids in grass skirts.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-032
A beautiful 1955 Thunderbird.
Pumpkin Festival 2007-033
1955 Thunderbird from the back.
A 'Hawaiian' banjo band.
A brave drum majorette leading her school's band.
A float with body builders. Notice the strange equipment one is using.
Kids on the 'beach'.
The Illinois 'Queen of Queens'
Hanhan talking with Uncle Sam.
Hanhan and Uncle Sam pose for a picture.
A pumpkin volcano.
A soccer float.
Korean War veterans.
A Korean War era jeep.
The Tiki Bar is open!
Junior cheerleaders.
A happy pumpkin.
Little Miss Pumpkin.
Another antique fire engine.
The Coast Guard sailing down the street.
One of the many great high school marching bands.
A 1909 car still driving along today!
Another view of the 1909 Marion Touring Coupe.
A high school marching band with great uniforms.
Hanhan and Gary are enjoying their day at the parade.
An elk from a local park.
Coconut bra hula girl.
A luau on parade.
See the burned piggy?
Cheerleaders doing their thing.
Cheerleaders getting ready for the toss.
And they catch their friend.
A float sponsored by a local church.
A tumbling school took part too, we didn't get action shots.
Scary bats and spiders!
A Halloween float is scary even in daylight.
All the heads on the picket fence must be for the other guys dinner.
The final fire truck is a real one on the job.
Hanhan and Cole "enjoying" their carnival ride.
"Punkin Head" with a pumpkin.
Morton is indeed the Pumpkin Capital of the world!