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Santa Claus Parade 2007
America's Oldest Christmas Parade. Hanhan had to go to work 10 minutes before Santa arrived.
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The parade begins!
The mounted Color Guard.
Navy veterans float.
Antique car with Mayor and Congressman.
A girl on stilts.
Christmas Express
Classic car with a 'King' dog in the rear.
A parade is not complete without a clown.
The Manual High School band.
Two Chinese lions.
A closeup of one lion.
Christmas around the world.
The Flintstones
Christmas Tree float.
Snowman throwing snowballs.
Girl Scouts around the world.
A dog sled. Note the booties!
Cinderella's coach.
Two old ladies in their sleigh.
An old fashioned Christmas scene.
Cub Scouts and their Christmas campout.
The old woman who lived in a shoe.
Undersea Christmas, look at the fishheads.
Wild West Christmas with a stagecoach.
A jolly snowman.
A family of snowmen.
A traditional christmas coach ride.
A handsome horse in his Christmas finery.
The Starlight Express.
Fantasy Voyage pirate ship.
It's a small world.
Simpsons on Santa Avenue.
Homer wrapping gifts.
Mickey Mouse.
The Pink Panther.
What says Christmas better than a big gorilla? Ok, almost anything...