Hammer Family Thanksgiving 2007

Once a year families get together to give thanks and to enjoy each other's company with an excellent dinner.
Thanksgiving 2007 01
Hanhan with all the food, including a 11 Kg Butterball turkey.
Thanksgiving 2007 02
Linda preparing the coconut cream pie filling.
Thanksgiving 2007 03
The pie filling is cooking while the egg whites are warming to be whipped.
Thanksgiving 2007 04
Filling a pie shell.
Thanksgiving 2007 05
The final pie has been poured.
Thanksgiving 2007 06
Two lovely pies waiting to be topped with meringue.
Thanksgiving 2007 08
Starting to make the meringue.
Thanksgiving 2007 09
Whip the egg whites to a froth.
Thanksgiving 2007 10
Add sugar to stiffen the egg foam.
Thanksgiving 2007 11
When it gets this shiny and stiff it is ready for the pies.
Thanksgiving 2007 12
Covering the filled shells with the meringue.
Thanksgiving 2007 13
Two pies ready for baking.
Thanksgiving 2007 14
The finished product. As delicious as they look, we didn't like waiting.
Thanksgiving 2007 15
Mixing the stuffing for the bird.
Thanksgiving 2007 16
The headless turkey takes a bow before being stuffed.
Thanksgiving 2007 17
A little stuffing has been put in.
Thanksgiving 2007 18
I'm glad this doesn't happen to me!
Thanksgiving 2007 19
The turkey is stuffed to capacity, time to get him in the oven.
Thanksgiving 2007 20
The turkey is bagged and in the pan on the way to the oven.
Thanksgiving 2007 21
This huge bird fills the oven and makes the rack bow down.
Meantime, the tables are set in Thankgiving style.
The overflow table, so many people will come for the feast.
Linda peeling apples for her famous Waldorf salad. My favorite!
Slicing the apples is the critical step in the Waldorf preparation.
After nearly 5 hours, the turkey is golden brown and ready to serve.
Opening the roasting bag to drain the juices is dangerous. I was burned!
A beautiful turkey with all the stuffing exploding out.
Carving this size turkey takes several hands.
An electric knife helps speed things along.
A juicy, white breast.
The pie table is set, pumpkin, coconut cream, and pecan.
Scott, the mashed potato bearer.
The food line, looks small in the picture, but there is a LOT of food in those huge bowls.
With no room on the food line, the stuffing and rolls are on each table.
Everyone is choosing their seat before getting their plates piled high.
Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce in the foreground.
Completing the food line are corn, waldorf salad, green beans, and gravy.
People starting to load their plates.
Hanhan looks on with expectation.
Hanhan looking happier as she digs in.
The 'First Thanksgiving' girl is off to a good start.
Hanhan's first Thanksgiving plate is a good effort.
Master Gary has the ultimate Thanksgiving plate. Experience counts!
A short movie of the seperation of egg whites.