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Going to the USA
Our journey from China to the USA was long but exciting.
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Hanhan, her parents, and Gary at Pudong airport just before the flight.
After 13 hours, we have entered the USA!
Hanhan enjoying one of the many kinds of food we had on the plane.
Hanhan in front of Chicago O'Hare arrivals. We have arrived!
Hanhan is feeding one of Sharon's kittens.
Hanhan and Sharon in front of the WW I and WW II memorial in Peoria.
Hanhan couldn't finish this huge reuben sandwich. The people behind finish I'll bet.
Gary & Hanhan are quite happy to be overlooking Peoria.
Brenda, Linda, and Hanhan at the 'Welcome Hanhan' cookout.
Brenda, Gary, and Hanhan.
Hanhan, Gary, and Linda.
Hanhan and Brenda are a team.
Hanhan is trying to juggle with Jason.
Hanhan playing croquet for the first time.
Hanhan and Tina.
Hanhan's welcome brownie. Yummy!